1. 5. 2021 – Aktualizace Pluginu Chocholoušek picon!

5.0.210501 Added multiple configuration profiles: – since there has also been a change in the system file “/etc/enigma2/settings”, it is recommended to delete “chocholousekpicons” old configuration entries, for example using an online script: wget -qO- –no-check-certificate “https://github.com/s3n0/e2plugins/raw/master/ChocholousekPicons/online-setup” | bash -s del-config The ability to check and save the plugin configuration is removed: – the plugin configuration is SAVED AUTOMATICALLY and immediately after each change – the red “Exit” button has been replaced by “Profile reset” for this purpose – the green button is used to exit the plugin New option to add default picon directories, for Enigma2 administrators and developers: – create a text file “/etc/enigma2/chocholousekpicons.cfg” (Unix/Linux newlines) – insert […]